Heuristic Evaluation


Thank you for coming. We are Casey, Annabel, Patrick, Zoher, and Christina. We are students enrolled in a Human Factors in Interface Design Class. We’re working on a product for people planning their own weddings that will simplify and streamline the management of tasks involved in wedding planning. The purpose of today’s session is for you to help us figure out how to make this interface more user-friendly before we finish developing it. We’ve designed what the screens would look like, and linked them together with an online software. The screens are static, as a result, some of the buttons might not be functional. Keep reading for specific tasks and warnings about buttons that are not functional.

Our goal today is to give you a few tasks that we hope are representative of what people do in real life. Your job is to tell us what makes sense, what is confusing, and if it works the way you’d expect it to. We think that your input and perspective on our product will make it more user-friendly for everyone.

Keep in mind that we are testing the interface here and not you, so if you run into any problems, it is not your fault, it just indicates that there is something in the interface we need to change.

We will not be present to take notes, so you will have to do that for us by applying the heuristics sending that to us. We’re really looking forward to any feedback you might have for us!

Right now, this prototype is pretty rough around the edges, and there are some incomplete parts. But before we settle on a design we want to show it to users and make sure that the flow of the product makes sense. We might not be able to incorporate all your feedback into the interface at this point, but we will definitely make note of any of your opinions.

Do you have any questions about what we’re doing today or about our expectations before we start? If so, please send us an email!

We are pretending that you are a member of our target user group. You’re getting married in Boston, MA. Please let us know (through email) if you have any questions about the tasks at hand, and remember, we are not testing your ability to use this interface but the interface itself. If you have a problem with something, it is not your fault but it is something we need to change with the interface. When you’re ready, please continue reading to go through the tasks we would like you to complete.


Click here to open our prototype in a new tab before completing the tasks listed below.


Your name is Igor Shamansky. Your fiance’s name is Sam Spottergon. In this section, you will be walking through the sign-up process for our app.

First, read the information on the first few screens. Your names should already be entered for you.

Next, choose one of the 3 options.

  • A. Set your wedding date to March 13, 2017
  • B. Set your wedding date to Spring 2017
  • C. Don’t set your wedding date yet

Then, set the location of your wedding to Boston, MA.

Then, set your notification preferences to give you new tasks on the mornings of Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Once, these steps are complete, find your way to the main part of the app.


It is Monday morning, and you’re looking for your planning tasks for the week. Check out your tasks for today, tomorrow, and Friday. (Not all of these tasks are currently clickable.)

You remember researching what kind of bouquets you would like sometime last week, and you’re interested in learning more about “Setting up consultations with 3 florists”. Go to the screen where you can learn more about this task.

Return back to your list of tasks for the day.

What would you do to try to move directly to different day a month or two from now? Cancel this action.


You’d like to know what other categories of tasks you should anticipate getting. Find the list of all of the categories of tasks you need to complete.

How far along are you in the “Beauty” category?

You’re particularly worried about getting all your floral tasks done. See what ones are coming up for you.


Your fiance has recently changed their name. Please change your partner’s name on the Settings page.

You and your fiance decided that your original date of Sun, October 30, 2017 11:00 AM was a dumb day to get married (it also wasn’t available at your favorite venue). Change that day to another day you prefer.

You are currently receiving notifications in the morning on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but you are starting a new job so you’ll be at work during the morning and afternoon. Change your notification settings so you get notifications in the evenings on these days.

Done! Thanks for helping up make our design more usable!