List of Inspirational Designs, EZ Facility, and MINDBODY
Existing solutions to personal trainer client management software, EZ Facility and both suffer from an arcane UI, whereas MINDBODY is aimed at gyms and very established trainers.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
I’ve (Noam) actually used this software—like— it tries to help people management sales and customer relations. What’s cool about Dynamics is that it integrates with Outlook, so all client communication is tied to that client. Imagine an app that knows when a client texts a personal trainer, and logs that for that trainer, so the trainer has an up-to-date look of his clients and his communication with those clients.
I (Noam) use this app, and it tracks my various geographically-based workouts using GPS. It informs me of pace, elevation, etc. It’d be great if personal trainers could train their clients remotely through something similar. If a trainer didn’t have to be there every time, maybe their clients would improve even faster.
A lot of people go to WebMD when they have a cold and they leave thinking they have cancer. Despite the shortcomings, there could be value in creating a store of information trainers can quickly access in order to better serve their clients.
Dating site, uses a questionnaire to match potential couples. Compatible trainers and clients see the most improvement, maybe a system that can match gym goers with trainers would improve client satisfaction and trainer’s job?
Car service that you can text and a driver picks you up in a nice car. What if I was at the gym, and I could text a trainer to come help me? Or at my home? And the trainer would receive my information, drive over, and train me for an hour. This could allow trainers that don’t work for gyms the opportunity to meet more clients through more than word of mouth
Upstart customer relationship management software, runs completely out of the cloud and allows business to manage their salespeople.I imagine trainers having an easy-to-use, ubiquitous system for tracking clients and client workouts, that they can access anywhere: they’re always informed about their clients.

Inpirations In Depth

Pair inspired Noam

Screenshot of the Pair iPhone app

Pair is an interesting app that tries to connect couples. It has standard messaging features—texting, picture messaging, etc. But you can also send your partner a “thinking of you” nudge. It’s a standard messaging thread optimized for the kinds of content couples are likely to share. This inspires me to think of ways to increase the connection between trainers and their clients. Fitness is about more than working out for a few hours a week, eating properly and making good life choices have long been regarded as been part of the path to success. One of our trainers said that the mark of a good trainer is one that helps clients hit their goals. Maybe an app that keeps trainers in touch with clients would be awesome. A client trying to lose weight could take a picture of the food and send that to the trainer, and receive positive feedback for eating healthy. A trainer can send the client a workout plan and the client can follow it interactively through their workout. I think there are a lot of ways to keep the relationship between client and trainer strong in and out of the gym, and a dedicated messaging app may be an interesting way to approach this.

Whenisgood, Doodle, and Google Calendar inspired Dana

Screenshot of Screenshot of Google Calendar

WhenIsGood, Doodle, and Google Calendar help the trainer and the client schedule times to meet together in an easy and quick medium. It can also be good for setting a committed schedule as to when they should meet. Google Calendar has options for reminders and Pops, especially when it is synced with someone’s phone. It is also great for syncing each other’s calendars. If the trainer is not available to workout with the client, maybe the trainer can find another client who has a similar schedule and set them up to workout together by sharing each other’s calendars. This is also great for the trainer to know how busy they are and for them to see. All three do a good job in showing which blocks of the day are free and which one of those are full. This way, clients can always make/find time to work out and commit to getting/staying in shape.

Fitocracy inspired Cypress

Fitocracy screenshot

Fitocracy is primarily a feedback tool for people who are exercising. It awards points based on activities, and each user can "level up" based on their points. In addition, fitocracy contains "challenges," specific workouts and goals that, if completed, will award the user bonus points. The model of challenges and bonus points could tie in well with personal trainers. As it is, on Fitocracy the challenges are generated by who-knows-what, and don't often appeal to the user. Say, the user is trying to get fit to bike across the country, they might not be interested in seeing challenges such as "swim a mile." If the app tied in with a personal trainer, the trainer could issue personalized challenges to their trainee, specifically targeted at their fitness goals. This could be used as an incentive mechanism for the trainee. The trainer could set a number of challenges, and come up with point rewards for each one. For example, for a long distance runner, the trainer might enter run 6 miles in under an hour, 1000 points, and run 8 miles, any speed, 1500 points. The runner could then make their own decision as to which challenge to shoot for first (or go for both!).

Evolving Pokemon inspired Sharon

Pokemon screenshot

Often times trainers are the ones that help clients figure out exactly what "fit" means to them. Similar to how eevee can evolve into 7 variations, we want our product to help the trainer figure out exactly how to communicate to the client what they want to achieve. We would want to borrow the image of the specific evolved pokemon to give clients a tangible representation of what they are looking to achieve to give the trainers more tools to motivate them.