We are Team Nietzsche, a group of students enrolled in Olin College's Human Factors and Interface design course dedicated to improving your experience traveling on the MBTA. To learn more about who we are and view a breakdown of the work each group member performed, please click here

Project Proposal

Getting around Boston using public transportation can be difficult, especially for new or inexperienced users:

  • Routes are confusing
  • Arriving on time is a challenge
  • Bus and train schedules are not connected to reality

There are several "trip planner" applications that try and help, but they have their share of problems:

  • They assume the schedule is always accurate
  • They "reset" after every use and never learn your habits
  • Finding the information you need takes time and effort

Nietzsche MBTA aims to solve those problems and create an application that helps new and inexperienced of public transportation master the MBTA with confidence and ease.

Public transportation shouldn’t be hard.

Video Demo

A video illustrating our prototype's functionality can be viewed below, or here on vimeo.

Nietzsche Transit - Final Prototype from Julian Ceipek on Vimeo.

Dynamic Prototype

Our final prototype can be seen below. For optimal viewing experience, we recommend viewing this page in a mobile browser.