This is the project page of Team Ixion - Nicholas Monje, Natalie Sharpe, Aman Kapur, and Margaret-Ann "Gretan" Seger - for Human Factors in Interface Design, Olin College, Fall 2011.

Project Description: From Problem Statement to Solution

Problem Statement

Team Ixion aims to design an innovative and intuitive interface to significantly improve how customers shop at upscale department clothing stores. We will use this project as an exploration in interface design, learning how to more effectively create usable, intuitive software.

Our Solution

We created an application that allows customers to input their desired items and receive a calculated route through the store to enable a fast, efficient, and enjoyable shopping experience.

The Process from Problem to Solution

Of course, there was a lot of work and time that went in to this project between defining a problem statement and finding a well-refined solution users were pleased with. We conducted numerous rounds of user research and iterated constantly on our prototype. We ran a usability study, were reviewed by other designers in a formal heuristic analysis, and tested numerous design techniques on our project. We documented our design process, which can be divided up into four succinct phases:

  1. User Research
  2. Design Development
  3. Design Refinement
  4. Final Refinement