Human Factors and Interface Design, Fall 2011

Working to improve the airport experience for traveling groups.


San Francisco, CA
Morgan Lavine, Jessica Noglows, Connor Stokes and Preeta Willemann

A summary of our project and what we aim to achieve.

An example of an inspirational design

Designs from popular websites were used to inspire the team, and make us think about what aspects of those designs we'd like to see in our own product.

Names and Pictures of Our Personas

In this portion of design we gathered information on our users and organized that information in to various formats that would help direct our design.

prototype images
A picture of our paper prototype

In this stage we took our representations generated from needs analysis and organized them in to semi-funtional prototypes to test our ideas.

Final Prototype Screenshot

We created a functioning prototype that ran on a Windows Phone device.

prototype images
Home page of our final prototype

In this stage we finalized our design based on feedback and usability testing..