Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to the website of Team Rock Me Amadeus. This website details a project for the Fall 2010 iteration of Human Factors in Interface Design, an design course at Olin College.

The goal of the course is to explore how people interact with computer interfaces, and how these interfaces and interactions can be improved. Specifically, Team Rock Me Amadeus is examining the interfaces found on multi-purpose office printers, copiers, and scanners such as this one:

While these machines have many functions, we will refer to them simply as 'printers' or 'multi-purpose office printers' throughout the remainder of the project documentation.

The details of our design process are located in the links to the right. Please feel free to explore, and contact us with any questions.

Team Rock Me Amadeus
(Francesco Balestra, Megan Elsenbeck, Claire McLeod, and Colden Rouleau)