Redesigning the AV Experience

Many institutions use a permanently installed AV (audio‚Äźvisual) presentation system accepts a variety of video and audio inputs and allows the user to project the video on a wide screen, and use the installed speakers for audio. Generally, this system comes with a standalone LCD display that users can use to change the settings of the system.
The current model of AV presentation systems installed in the Olin College classrooms and auditorium is difficult to use: it takes an unreasonably long time to search for and navigate to simple functions, and more complex functions are virtually unheard of, except by expert users. This problem is not restricted to Olin, but widespread in other educational and business institutions. In these settings, the need frequently arises for external visitors who are unfamiliar with the existing system to navigate it, which further hinders the flow of presentation. Additionally, it is difficult to smoothly transition between different inputs.
The features of the AV presentation systems are complete, but the menus are unintuitive. We will seek to improve the interactions such that users of any expertise will be able to easily navigate to any function on the system.


Our final prototype can be seen here.