Updated Prototype

November 30, 2010 Posted by Team

We have a new prototype available here. As with our previous prototype, we recommend hitting F11 to view the prototype in full-screen mode, using the Chrome browser. Unlike our previous prototype, this one does NOT reset when viewing the home page. You can now reset by visiting reset.php. Clearing your cookies will still also reset the prototype.

Our previous prototype is still available for comparison here.


November 1, 2010 Posted by Team

Find our prototype here. This will take you to the Welcome screen of our program Speed Up Solutions. We recommend hitting F11 to view the prototype in full screen. Also, we recommend viewing the prototype in Chrome. Please see scenarios to be used for the heuristic evaluation here. To reset the prototype, either return to the beginning (home.php) of the experience or reset your cookies. To accomplish this in Chrome, click the wrench in the upper-right-hand side of the screen, navigate to tools, then to Clear Browsing Data. Select Delete cookies and other site data, and click Clear browsing data.

Needs Analysis

September 26, 2010 Posted by Team

Our Needs Analysis is now live! Find out how we learned all about our users here.

Welcome to the Team Website of Frijid Pink!

September 14, 2010 Posted by Rose

Our website is live! We have to add content now, of course, as the semester progresses.