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This is the website for Team Fresh City, part of the HFID class in Fall 2009.


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01 Dec - 31 Dec 2009



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Needs Analysis: User Goals

28 09 09 - 04:44 We synthesized our research into a set of goals for our users.


Learn and share new things

For most professors the goal to learn and share new things is an inherent quality.  However, based on personality, career, and motivations, it can mean different things.  It is important to understand the meaning of the word “share” in this goal.  It can refer to the sharing of knowledge by teaching, through research papers, or even through social conversations at conferences.

Frank: At this point in his career, Frank is not looking to push the boundaries of his field.  He enjoys reading the current journals, and attending conferences when he has time.  As far as sharing is concerned, Frank enjoys lecturing to new students, but feels that sharing his experiences and wisdom could be more important than these class lectures.

Janice: Janice is very much a team player, and sharing is the most important thing to her.  She wants to be great mentor, so she loves to celebrate her and her students’ accomplishments in the lab.  Janice learns a lot through her students’ research and her collaborators.

Stephen:  Learning is most important to Stephen.  He is trying to push the boundaries of Biology and hopes to be a great scientist and discoverer.  Sharing is a consequence of his learning and knowledge.  In order to advance his career and build prestige, he must share.

Build prestige

Building prestige is pretty straight forward.  In the academic world, prestige can be a representation of the success of your career.  You want your name to be mentioned and recognized frequently – it is a measure of your success.

Frank:  At this point Frank isn’t too worried about his prestige.  He has already built a name for himself, and at this point is often too busy to worry about it.  He is content with his career and success.

Janice:  Local prestige is more important to Janice, than national or worldwide recognition.  She wants to be known as a great mentor and professor.  Her joy and success can be measured by her students’ success.

Stephen:  Stephen is actively trying to advance his career and build prestige.  He is young and has a blank slate.  Building prestige is one of his main motivations and goals.

Support themselves and their commitments

Being an academic is, after all, a job.  Professors work to support themselves and their families.  They have to actively balance their work and home lives, like any professional.

Frank:  After many years of building his career, and spending late nights at the college, he realizes that his grown kids and wife are the most important things to him.  He makes sure to spend quality time with his family and is motivated by a strong commitment to them.

Janice:  Janice feels a great amount of commitment to her students and takes her mentor position very seriously.  But with young kids, being a mom comes first.  She is often torn when her schedule becomes tight.

Stephen: Stephen doesn’t have a family to support yet. While he's still young, he is prioritizing work and his career.  This goal isn’t as much of a motivator for him.

Contribute for greater impact

As an academic and researcher, professors do want to contribute to their fields and have a substantial, recognizable impact. They want their research to be current, relevant, and impactful.

Frank:  Frank is not as motivated by impact any longer, but was years ago.  At this point he is happy to just put out current and relevant papers.

Janice:  Janice tries hard to push the boundaries of her field with her students and research.  She keeps them up to date with the current happening in Materials Science, and is therefore current herself.  

Stephen:  Stephen is looking for life-changing research and topics.  Impact is a requirement when choosing collaborators and topics for papers.