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This is the website for Team Fresh City, part of the HFID class in Fall 2009.


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01 Dec - 31 Dec 2009



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Needs Analysis: Process

28 09 09 - 04:39 The synthesis of our data was comprised of many of steps and techniques after completing the interviews.

First, to warm up we generated high-level thoughts/findings from the interviews.  We captured these summary thoughts and ideas on post-it notes.  These concepts were later grouped into different aspects of the academic life.  From this, we started on an initial list of user goals and values.  This would allow us to revisit these attributes after further synthesis and thought. 


The initial exercise for persona development was the use of frameworks.  The team worked to place the interviewees on scales and graphs of qualities such as stake, career, openness to technology, and appreciation of technology.  From this exercise no clear trends developed.  However, we realized that the space of the project and users was too large, and we did not have the data or information to complete it.

In order to narrow the project space we thought about how our interface could address preliminary values, thinking about how our interviewees would respond to value-specific questions.  For instance, one questions we posed was: How can this software help me prevent burn out?  This allowed us to specify what parts of the research and paper writing process could be most improved through a software platform.  We needed to narrow the scope to something we had the time to address and design well in a semester long Olin project.  From this exercise, we decided to focus on the paper writing and editing process itself.

The question exercise was also the foundation of our personas.  The personalities that emerged from the responses against the frameworks created high-level attributes for our personas.  With a list of characteristics, we were able to distill three personas with uniquely different motivations, habits, and lifestyles. After creating personas we were sure to revisit the values and goals to finalize personas, and compile their most succinct values and goals.