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This is the website for Team Fresh City, part of the HFID class in Fall 2009.


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Division of Labor


01 Dec - 31 Dec 2009



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Needs Analysis: Introduction

28 09 09 - 04:36 In the world of academia, research is done collaboratively between people of vastly different backgrounds and training. “Publish or perish” is a common phrase that describes the pressure and importance of producing and publishing academic research of the highest caliber.  Such projects are often distributed across departments and even campuses.  Though this is advantageous to the research process, it can lead to frustration and difficulties.  Team Fresh City will create a solution that enables collaboration for the academic world.

The focus of this project will be on the collaboration, writing, and editing of academic papers.  There have been many attempts in facilitating paper collaboration, on a large encompassing scale, such as Google Documents.  However, this problem of paper collaboration is quite expansive, and has not been adequately addressed.  These tools do not account for the specific needs of academic paper writing.  The process of paper writing is expansive, ranging from choosing a topic to the submitting a paper.  However, we will concentrate on the immediate preparation and composition of a paper.