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Inspirational Designs: EndNote

01 10 09 - 12:38

This reference/source management program was mentioned by nearly every single individual we interviewed. The team decided we needed to check it out.

Endnote is a bibliographic tool that allows people, typically academic researchers, students, or librarians, to quickly search databases, sort and annotate PDF files, and generate reference lists without the pain of doing it by hand. EndNote allows you to create libraries which are a listing of citations that you can manage for a project. The quick search feature allows the user to look up apaper on an online database to retrieve the citation information. In a citation, one can also attach files, such as the actual paper PDF, which can then be opened from EndNote.

This program is great for centralizing references and automating typing up references in Microsoft Word. Centralizing information and compatability with MS Word is something FreshCity will need to keep in mind. Likely the nicest thing about EndNote is its ability to conduct reference searches on popular online databases such as PubMed and Web of Science, and give the user the reference information from the web.

Academics like this feature because it guarantees an accurate citation. This searching online feature also makes it easy to add citations to the program –our interface should help the user update references and resources easily. On the other hand, EndNote does not directly allow the user to organize papers directly or automatically update citations. Also, EndNote is not intuitive. I downloaded the program and worked through a couple tutorials in order to understand more of the power of the tool.