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This is the website for Team Fresh City, part of the HFID class in Fall 2009.


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Inspirational Designs
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Usability Testing

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Division of Labor


01 Dec - 31 Dec 2009



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Inspirational Designs

30 09 09 - 00:12 After synthesizing the data we gathered through user interviews, we began the task of starting interface development by looking for inspiration in the world around us.

First we began by creating a lits of inspirational ideas, things that our users use to get tasks done or other things that could help us design the ideal interface. Below is our list, grouped by type:

Paper Composition

Microsoft Word (track changes): popular document processing tool, track changes is the commenting and revision sub program

Google Documents: a free paper collaboration tool.

Latex Compiler: scientific/mathematic word processing tool.

Google Wave: a mega-collaboration platform (not yet released)

Pages: word processing tool for Macintosh users

Adobe Reader: .pdf viewing and sharing software

EtherPad: software program developed for real time paper collaboration

Pen and Paper: the most simplistic and straight forward way to write documents

Collaboration/Communication Tools

Telephone: real time audible communication, though perceived as archaic

Flights: traveling to see people: direct way to visit and work with collaborators

E-mail: fast/documented software way to share information with collaborators

Fed Ex: fast way to physically share research

Skype: a communication tool that utilizes VoIP to make phone calls or send instant messages.

Video conferencing: real time method for visual and audible remote collaboration

Computers: tools used to replace archaic methods of paper writing and collaborating

Facebook: social networking tool that allows message posts and status updates

Microsoft Outlook: popular communication software to manage email, calendars, contacts, etc

Source/Literature Management

Endnote: popular software used for source management and generating a reference list

Bibtex Tabref: software for citation management

Mendeley: “Like iTunes for Research Papers”. Allows the user to create a bibliography database and read/annotate PDFs within the program.

“Paper” (for Mac): citation management software for Macintosh users Data Searching

Google: search engine to look for current information, collaborators, etc.

Google Scholar: search engine for academic literature

Microfiche: archaic primary sources archiving and reviewing tool

Figure Tools

Matlab or Gnu Plot: secondary software tool to run calculations and plot data

Adobe Photoshop: secondary software program for editing of images

Microsoft Excel: software tool for the management of data and spreadsheet

Repositories/Data Back-Up

SVN: a repository tool for sharing and backing up documents

CVS:  out of date program for sharing and backing up documents, pre-SVN.

Dropbox: software platform for the syncing and updating of shared documents

Wikis: online database for group collaboration and document sharing

Team forming algorithm: algorithm used to form collaboration groups

Smartboard: software and hardware based system for interactive presentations/collaboration