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This is the website for Team Fresh City, part of the HFID class in Fall 2009.


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01 Dec - 31 Dec 2009



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Needs Analysis: Personas

28 09 09 - 04:49 We developed three personas to reprsent our users: Janice, Stephen and Frank.



Janice's Persona Poster 

Janice is beginning her 10th year as a materials science professor at the University of Illinois, following her post-doc at Cornell.  She advises 5 graduate students, two of whom have been with her for a few years now.  She's very easy to talk to so she’s very popular with the students. It's a treat to do research with her; she gets very excited about new discoveries and loves to hear about what her students accomplished. She's generally available to her students, both in office and online, because she's very up to date with the latest technology. However, her first priority is her two kids: 6 and 8 years old. She's very comfortable with paper writing; when she collaborates, she often does the bulk of the writing because her colleagues recognize her skill. To write papers, she often looks to people she's worked with in the past, because she finds it comfortable working with old colleagues.



Stephen's Persona Poster

Stephen wanted to be a biologist since his 9th grade biology class. He's just out of his post-doc and landed a job at UC Berkeley. He has lofty goals to really make a difference in his field (cancer research), and would one day love to give a TED talk. He realizes, however, that he's not the best paper writer, so he needs to both improve his own writing and work with people who can write very well. He is motivated to conduct research (and collaborate) for the thrill of sharing his findings with other people who are also invested in his field. Because he's early in his career, he feels pressure to produce quality papers - and lots of them. This leads him to act as a manager for the people working on the paper, so that he can have control over the process.



Frank's Persona Poster

Frank is the head of the social sciences at NYU. He's been a professor there for 25 years and commands great respect. As a younger man, he published prolifically and really advanced his field. Now, he has much less time for to publish, although it remains high on his to-do list. Because he has less time, he is usually not the first author - and to collaborate, he usually works with people he knows he can work well with. He is very much a purist when it comes to his tools and methods of teaching and researching. He edits (and grades) papers by hand. He works very hard and is very dedicated to his job, but he leaves his work at work when he goes home. He is married with grown children who have already moved out and he spends his free time doing things he loves.