Team Neon Carrot, Human Factors and Interface Design, Spring 2009

Team Neon Carrot is composed of Katherine Murphy ('09), Victoria Hsiao ('10), Jeffrey Moore ('10), and Ilari Shafer ('10). As a team, we enjoy using Google Docs obsessively and helping our mothers with their computer problems.

We created a tool for the Microsoft Word environment that not only helps the user achieve their intended task, but also familiarizes them with the appropriate way to communicate their intent to the computer. To learn more, explore the menu at left.

We created a project proposal and went out to users to explore their needs and goals. From what we learned, we created three personas that epitomize our target user group.
Based upon consideration of what tasks our users might perform and inspiration from existing tools, we created an initial design. We created a paper prototype of this design and brought it to users.
We examined the results of our user testing and made changes to our interface. After performing a more thorough investigation of the interaction, we developed two higher-fidelity prototypes.
Using feedback from others in the course, we refined our prototype. We then performed an experiment to gather quantitative data on one aspect of our design while asking users for more general feedback. In response to this information, we created a final revision of our prototype. Finally, we wrote a report describing our tool.