Team Manatee

Team Members

Jenn Cross: Group Manager.

Andy Getzendanner: Evaluation Manager.

Thomas Michon: Design Manager.

Angela Sharer: Documentation Manager.

Team Manatee designed a kisok for use in grocery stores that will help shoppers find items in the store and determine what they should buy to prepare their favorite recipes. During the Spring 2009 semester at Olin, we explored the experience of shoppers in grocery stores and the interactions they engage in while shopping in a store. Despite the differences in layouts among individual stores and entire chains, finding desired items among the myriad of aisles and stations remains a problem, especially for products which do not fit cleanly into one of the categories advertised. Shoppers tend to cope with this challenge by memorizing the floor plan over repeated visits, asking store attendants for information, or by relying on someone they know (for instance, a spouse) to do the work for them. Our kiosk is intended to fill this need.

Read our Final Report, or play with our Final Interactive Prototype.

A grocery store

Our Process

We completed several rounds of user research, idea generation, and feedback sessions. We developed three prototypes of a concept in-store kiosk interface and performed usability studies and heuristic evaluations.

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