Initial Interaction Narratives

In coming up with a design for our application, we briefly stepped through the inspirational designs during the brainstorming session. After some discussion with our persona and application functions in mind, we came up with three scenarios.

The Mobil Bill Calculator is an application on iPhone or Blackberry type cellphone of the customers. The hompage of the internet will be automatically configured to the hompage of the restaurant, from which you enter your receipt number and the application helps you divide up the bill. The information is sent to the cash register or the waiter, where you pay the calculated amount.

Mobile application

The lego bill allows you to split the bill by manipulating physical representation of each dish and their price in lego form. The restaurant provides the legos for ordered dishes. The customer stacks the lego dishes they wish to pay together and the total appears on the screen on the top lego.

Lego design

The self-service billfold allows each of the customers at a table to pay a desired amount.

Billfold design