• jonathan cass
  • eric gallimore
  • molly mccormack
  • lindsay redmond
  • Human Factors and Interaction Design:
    Phase 1 - Needs Assessment

    Project Proposal and Human Studies Documents

    The project proposal outlines the scope of the project and how we hope to improve upon the existing technology.

    Prior to conducting user interviews, the team outlined an information sheet that introduced interviewees to the goals of our project and informed them of their level of participation in the process. Each interviewee was also asked to sign a statement of informed consent. These precautions were taken to ensure that our ambitions as a team were clear to our users and also to make them feel as comfortable as possible while being interviewed by members of the team.

    Human Studies Documentation (in PDF)

    Information Form

    Informed Consent Form

    Personas, Goals, and Tasks

    The team proceeded to interview five lighting technicians ranging in experience from college undergraduates who worked with lighting in high school theater, to a professional lighting technician with a college degree. The interview questions provided insight into the concept model currently associated with light programming as well as the lexicon familliar to lighting technicians.

    The result of these interviews was the development of two personas with individual goals and values. These personas will become the key users for whom the team will design. Also to aide the designing process, and to help create scenarios in the next phase, we developed (again, from the interviews) a set of tasks which was organized into a flowchart.

    Scenarios and Preliminary Design

    After identifying the main goals and tasks that our personas encounter while programming a light board and executing the cues during a show, the team was able to identify three main scenarios that will guide the team in the design of the interface. These scenarios will also be invaluable while assessing our design.

    A preliminary design was developed mainly from our user interviews, yet also from our users' critiques of the current technologies. An evaluaion of these technologies is included in a comparative analysis. This initial design the team developed will be the main framework from which we create our initial prototype in the next phase. The team was also able to justify the persona development, design decisions, and scenarios.

    Also in preparation for the next phase, the team created a work breakdown of the deliverables thus far in the project.