a project for ENGR3220: Human Factors and Interaction Design
at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, fall 2005

Team Velveeta is Matt Colyer, Natalia Creamer, Dan Rice, and Brian Shih.

Using current calendaring solutions, it is often difficult to view others' or an aggregate of schedules. Team Velveeta's aim was to design a system to simplify these tasks, facilitate social interaction, and track academic and life tasks.

If you only read one document, it should be our final report.

Phase 0: Preparation

Phase 1: Interviews, personas, tasks

Phase 2: Scenarios, competition, design ideas

Phase 3: Lo-Fidelity prototype

Phase 4: Interactive prototype

Phase 5: Heuristic evaluation

Phase 6: Second interactive prototype

Phase 7: Informal usability study

Phase 8: Third interactive prototype

All phases: