Usability Testing

Scenarios Used

Scenario I

Part A

You wish to send a letter to several business leaders in order to request donations to the Olin endowment. This letter should contain the recipient's formal address, an example of which follows.

Leeroy Jenkins
123 Impulse Rd.
Dark Cave, WC 01337

The data for the merge is contained in a spreadsheet stored on your computer. Once you are finished creating the merge document, print out the letters, sorted by last name.

Part B

Now you want to take advantage of the advanced printing options. Use the preset labeled "Standard Print Job." (Assume that this letter is called "Document" and that you have made a corresponding envelope print job named "Envelope.") Print out a recipient's Envelope followed by their Document. Sort by last name, then first name, and finally, proceed to print.

Scenario II

You need to send an email to potential donors in a contact list, so, start a new merge. The data for this merge is contained in a spreadsheet stored on your computer. Now, you should also use a second spreadsheet of data that has additional information that corresponds to your first spreadsheet by the recipient's last name. Make sure that the merge type is that of "Email". Finally, email everyone with a personalized subject line.