First Interactive Prototype

Here you'll find everything about our first interactive prototype. You can follow the instructions below to download and setup our prototype. Then, you can follow the instructions for specific scenarios we've programmed for or you can just mess around and see what it's like. Functionality is limited, but more is to come. Consider this an automated proof of concept.



These scenarios are designed in a very specific manner that allows for adjustment to the system and moving from a first time user to a power user, and thus should be completed in order.

Basic Scenario

You decide one day that you want to send a letter to several business leaders in order to ask for funding for a research project. This letter should contain their formal address, an example of which is below. Notice that the fields interaction being asked for here is not actually possible with the current level of functionality in this prototype. Instead, imagine that the "Fields" area is fille with boxes of the fields you selected, and you can drag them into place in the document.

Leeroy Jenkins

123 Impulse Rd.

Dark Cave , WC 01337

Assume that the data for the merge is contained in example.xls. Note that there is no example.xls, and that any document you choose will result in the same outcome. Once you are finished creating the merge document, print out the letters so that you can send them to the business leaders. Also note here that these documents will not actually print.

Advanced Scenario 1

You are in charge of organizing a schoolwide event sponsored by OSA. You decide that everyone who RSVPs should get a name badge, but those who are members of the club should be designated as ‘Awesome.' Make a set of name badges for all the people in the database example.xls. The badges should include everyone's first and last name. Additionally, those that are in club OSA (the value of OSA is ‘yes' for a person) should have the word Awesome appear below the name. If not, the person should have ‘Not Awesome' appear below the name. Note that just as the Fields interaction above is not possible with the currently implemented level of functionality, the Fields interaction here and the Condition interaction here are also both not possible.

Example badges:

Samus Aran



Mother Brain

Not Awesome

Advanced Scenario 2

You decide to send an email to local companies indicating that you like their stock and want to buy some. Put the databases example.xls and example2.xls into the data collection, linking them by last name and first name. Then send an email out to the heads of the companies with the subject: I want to buy Olin Corporation's stock, where you replace Olin Corporation with the company name. Put whatever else you like in the email and send it out. Note that just as in the above scenarios, the actual files you choose do not matter here, and neither is the Fields interaction here possible.