Mail Merge Task Definitions

1. Prepare Data

The inherent idea of a mass mailing is to get some content to a group of recipients. The data of who those recipients are is usually prepared beforehand.

1.1 Gather

Just finding the correct data to use can be arduous. There exist many different systems and ways of doing this.

1.2 Format

After the data has been found, it is usually formatted to reflect the organizational mind of whoever is doing the mailing. Extra steps are taken here to ensure that there are not problems in later tasks.

2. Write Content

The point of sending out mail - whether it's electronic or not - is to get (mostly) written content from here to there.

2.1 Uniform

Content that is standardized and the same for all recipients is usually prepared ahead of time, and consists of the majority of the content in a mailing.

2.2 Personalized

Although making up only a small percentage of the content of any mailing, personalizations are the part that people usually spend the most time on and find the most difficult to work with.

2.2.1 Formality

A personalization has a level of formality attached to it. How well does the sender know this person? What kind of relationship are they trying to convey? For certain people, this subtask can be the most vital part of getting a mailing right.

2.2.2 Location

Where the personalization exists in the document.

2.2.3 Type

The kind of personalization - an address is thought of differently than a name.

3 Create Output

In the end, the content must be produced and delivered.

4 Verify

The task of verifying  the accuracy, correctness, and appropriateness of data happens throughout the entire process, but especially at the end, immediately before sending out content, verification is important.

Task Matrix

Persona Relevance Task Matrix




Task  Importance Frequence Importance Frequence Importance Frequence
Prepare Data Regular Very Somewhat Very Not At All Somewhat
Write Content
Very Regular Very Somewhat Somewhat Regular
Write Content
Somewhat Regular Most Most Very Regular
Create Output Most Very Very Very Regular Very
Verify Not At All Somewhat Most Very Very Regular

Scale: Not At All, Somewhat, Regular, Very, Most