Personas, Goals, and Tasks Work Breakdown

Everyone participated in interviews, creating paperwork, working on the concepts, coming to group meetings and fleshing out our ideas on the whiteboard equally (assume 33.3% for Mike and Brendan and 33.4% for Nate - that extra 0.1% is for his being just so darn fashionable). Mike has been gracious enough to become the holder of our paperwork, and Nate is responsibly for the website design. For a specific division of work on the deliverables, refer to the chart below.

Divison of Work


Deliverable Brendan Mike Nate
Team Management Structure   100  
Revised Problem Statement   100  
Personas and Goals Process     100
Personas and Goals Description 25 25 50
Conceptual Model Lexicon   100  
Tasks Description 100    
Divison of Work 100