Re-Designing One-To-Many Communication For College Students

This site describes the progress and methods or Team ONLY in redesigning one-to-many communication interfaces in general - focusing specifically on mailing lists. The work is being conducted by Chris Chavez, Drew Harry, and Ann Marie Rynning as part of the Human Factors and Interface Design main project.

Project Goals

Through a comprehensive design process involving users at all phases, we hope to develop an iterative series of prototype designs that address the needs of users of one-to-many communication systems. We will not be creating working backends; these prototypes will only be as functional as necessary to make the user experience clear. Along the way, we will develop and publish documents describing our methods and results. We will also reflect on the efficacy of our process.

About This Site

All turn-in for the project will take place on this site. We started with A two column CSS/HTML design put together and made publicly available in the layout repository at BlueRobot.