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Wikipages for previous editions of the course, email archives, etc.

HFID Group Webpages Fall 2015

This semester's projects are:

HFID Group Webpages Fall 2014

HFID Group Webpages Fall 2013

HFID Group Webpages Fall 2012

Fall 2011

Fall 2010

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

Wiki Pages: SpringOhNine

Team Pages: Spring '09

Our team names this year honor crayola crayon colors (per wikipedia, which differs from the official crayola site).

Spring 2008

Wiki Pages: SpringOhEight

This version of the course was taught by the amazing Matt Jadud.

Fall 2006

Wiki Pages: FallOhSix

Team Pages: Fall '06

Fall 2005

Wiki Pages: FallOhFive

Team Pages:

Spring 2005

Wiki Pages: SpringOhFive

Team pages:

Email Archive

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