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Welcome to the Fall 2012 offering of ENGR3220, Human Factors and Interface Design, the Olin Design Depth Course.

Course Coordinates

This course meets Mondays and Thursdays 3:20-6:00PM in AC109.

Instructor Coordinates

Amon Millner

Office: MH323

Phone: x2729

email: amon.millner [at] olin [dot] edu

Office hours: By appointment, or just drop by and see if I'm free.

Shannon Bator

email: shannon.bator [at] olin.edu

Catalog Description

ENGR 3220 Human Factors and Interface Design

Instructor(s): Amon Millner, Shannon Bator

Credits: 0-4-0-0

Hours: 4-4-4

Prerequisites: ENGR 2250 User Oriented Collaborative Design (required); ENGR 2510 Software Design or other software development experience (recommended)

Fulfills Design Depth requirement

A hands-on exploration of the design and development of user interfaces, taking into account the realities of human perception and behavior, the needs of users, and the pragmatics of computational infrastructure and application. Focuses on understanding and applying the lessons of human interaction to the design of usable computer applications; will also look at lessons to be learned from less usable systems. This course will mix studio (open project working time) and seminar (readings and discussion) formats.

Course Objectives

Students completing this course should be able to:

This course relies on and assesses several specific Olin competencies:

Quantitative Analysis and Life-Long Learning also play roles in specific assignments during the semester.


Your course grade will consist of a combination of your grades on:

Although these percentages are provided as guidance, the grade assigned a student may deviate from these proportions to take into account individual circumstances and factors (including professional conduct) and is determined at the sole discretion of the instructors.

Course Policies


We're taking the baton from Lynn Stein - who has taught HFID since it was a baby at Olin. Enormous thanks to Prof. Marti Hearst of UC Berkeley SIMS, who generously allowed Lynn to pilfer her efforts of the last few years. Prof. Scott Klemmer of Stanford gave Lynn permission to reuse some of his assignments, for which we are grateful. Also to the students from past semesters, at Olin and at Harvard, who helped to debug the kinks added to the course...

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